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MG Buds Indica 10g

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21% CBD   < 0,8% THC   100% Organic   100% Swiss made

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MG Buds Indica 10g

MG Buds Indica are dried Hemp flowers (blossoms) from Mountain-Grades™ cannabis indica strains. Tobacco substitutes with 21% CBD content. Furthermore, this Cannabis variety contains less than 0,8% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, this type of CBD Bud is not psychoactive and legally available. 100% organically indoor grown, 100% Swiss made.

Mountain-Grades™ tobacco substitutes with 21% CBD

These MG Buds Indica were manually harvested. Sorted flower buds of female indica hemp plants. Small to medium size buds with almost no seeds (<1%). Female weed made of Cannabis Indica, a medical marijuana from Mountain Grades™, with a content of very high CBD and low THC value.

The difference of our Flowers to others is, that our CBD Buds Indica containing the highest Cannabidiol levels on the market (21,8%). No other hemp in Europe ever reached a CBD/THC ratio of 20:1 like ours, so far. Its a very tasteful strain, smooth and rich in herbal smell.


CBD value: 21,8%
THC value: 0,8%
Flavor: strong
Cultivation: indoor, organic
Manufacturer: Mountain Grades LLC Switzerland

Lab-Test Report:

Lab-Test Indica (24.01.2017)


By law, we are not allowed to give you any advice on this topic. Therefore we kindly ask you to check one of our CBD Books sold separately in our online shop. You will like our Medical Hemp Guidebook or the famous Hemp Cookbook. For sure you get many extra benefits with the versatile and powerful effects of CBD. Some clients use it for Tinctures, Compresses, to make Hemp Tea and more (source: Wikipedia). If you prefer CBD Buds with less THC-content, then have a look at our Sativa Buds variety.

Before smoking buds you should read our blog post about the risks and benefits of smoking CBD buds.

You can find hundreds of CBD Recipes on OUR CANNABIS WIKI page. Here are a view quick links for the use of MG Buds Indica Flowers:
1) Tea
2) Tinctures
3) Compresses
4) Inhalation
5) Food


Important Notice: Keep out of reach of children. For medical use only by authorized patients. Smoking buds seriously harm you and others around you.

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0,35 oz


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marcel Isler

    21% CBD content is great but a CBD-THC ratio of 20:1 is just amazing and the highest all over Europe.

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2 years 7 months ago

So you cant fail a drug test from this right?

2 years 7 months ago

Wrong! You could always fail a drug test! It all depends on the type of test and much more it depends on the quantity you’ve consumed. Read this to find out more:

2 years 6 months ago

Why on the pot does it say >1% CBD? Why not put it is 21% on the pot? Sorry if a stupid question

2 years 6 months ago

Hi Andrew, where does it say “>1% CBD”? As far as we can see, it’s always correctly mentioned, that this type of pot does contain 21% CBD and <0.8% THC. But maybe we are blind? Then please specify where you read this.

2 years 12 hours ago

Hi I am super interested to order some of your products they look great , but every single thing is sold out ! How much is shipping to canada and when will you restock !!?

1 year 9 months ago

Our next batch of products is soon ready to order. You can use our Newsletter service to get updated Information.

1 year 11 months ago

Wann ist es lieferbar nach Deutschland?

1 year 9 months ago

Schon bald. Aber bitte beachten Sie, dass dieses Produkt nicht legal ist in Deutschland.


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