Industrial Hemp – Facts about Farming, Uses, Benefits & Warnings

Industrial Hemp. Many people still don’t know it. The differences between cannabis, hemp and marijuana. Therefore, we publish a collection of articles about Industrial Hemp.

Here you will find blog posts about hemp farming. Furthermore, we show you manyfold uses of the hemp plant. Did you know that cannabis got thousands of benefits? Not just for medicinal reasons.

Hemp is still illegal in many countries around the globe. Some legalized it. Usually, only Industrial Hemp types became legal. THC-rich marijuana is still illegal in most parts of the world. Even the medical benefits are countless.

Hemp farming became popular in China. More than 3000 years ago. In the history we have used Sativa hemp for ropes, paper, textiles, paint, insulation, food, and animal feed. Most of these products disappeared because of the prohibition.

Today, the cannabis plant celebrates its resurrection. We show you how hemp will change our future.