how to make hemp tea for pain relief and use benefits of high cbd
How to Make Hemp Tea for Pain Relief?
September 1 -2017
Marcel Isler

How to make Hemp Tea and use all Benefits of high CBD

How to make Hemp Tea is what you will learn is this blog post. Before you start to brew your own Tea, let’s have a look first of the different types and ingredients to choose from. The 4 main application methods are:

A) Use Dry Hemp Buds (Cannabis Flowers)

Typically, this is an infusion of water and dry Hemp Buds (cannabis flowers). Usually not psychoactive, as long as the THC value is lower than 1%.

B) Make Chai or Dairy Hemp Tea

This is a mixture of dry Cannabis Stems, infused with fat. You can use butter, milk or coconut oil and mix all together. The use of some water makes it a Chai, while dairy products will transform your tea into a Latte.

C) Mix Tea Leaves with Water and Tinctures

You can use dry or fresh Cannabis Leaves and boil it up with water. Then you add a tincture (alcohol-based cannabis extraction). This method is maybe the most sophisticated way of making hemp tea. But it provides almost the same wide variety of medical benefits as method D) below.

D) Buy Organic Hemp Tea Mix

The easiest way how to make hemp tea is to buy finished CBD-rich Hemp Tea Mix. Just be careful what you buy, as many vendors are not very trustworthy and provide no information at all. Not about the product and ingredients they are selling, nor about themselves. If you don’t know what and from who you are buying, then leave it!

What is Hemp Tea and what should be noted before buying?

Hemp Tea is made out of the cannabis plant. Therefore, called cannabis, herbal, weed, pot or ganja tea as well. Simply said, it is an infusion of cannabis (buds, leaves and or stems) brewed in hot or cold water. Hemp tea is very popular as an alternative method to relief you from pain. Properly produced teas are very effective when ingested. You get all medical advantages of CBD (cannabidiol), without the need for smoking marijuana.

Before you buy any Hemp Tea Mix or parts of Cannabis plants to brew you own tea, It is very important to check the following information:

1. Is the shop you’re buying from really trustworthy?

– Imprint, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Contact Information, Secure SSL payment, must be all available. If not, don’t buy!

2. Is the product really tested on CBD and THC content?

– The vendor needs to provide test results, showing the value of all 9 cannabinoids (THC, THCa, THCv, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and CBDa). If this information is not available, then you simply don’t know the quality you are buying. Furthermore, any cannabis strain utilized for your hemp tea must have a THC content below 1% to be legal, otherwise, it’s illegal!

3. Is the product certified for organic cultivation?

– If the seller doesn’t show you organic test results, then it might be fake or a simple marketing trick. Be aware that organic cannabis cultivation is not an easy thing. Most growers push their production by using fertilizer intensively.

hemp tea recipe from biomed cbd
Add your favorite Tea bag for flavor

Legal Status of Cannabis Tea

As mentioned before, in Switzerland for example, the use of cannabis with THC content below 1% is absolutely legal. Simply because it’s not psychoactive. So you don’t get high. Note: If you use CBD products daily and intensively, then stay away from driving a car. Please check the status of your country regarding the legality of cannabis here.

Hemp Tea and CBD content

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a particle found in cannabis plant species. There are thousands of different Cannabis Strains out there. While cannabis sativa types are usually known for low THC content, cannabis indica types usually containing higher THC values. CBD is one of more than 450 particular mixes inside hemp: unmistakably THC and CBD are two totally unique things. Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid (plant based), it is not psychoactive and has hostile to insane impacts.

What are the benefits of drinking Organic Hemp Tea?

Hemp tea has an extremely lovely taste. A flavor like a home grown tea. Truly, it tastes superior to anything else. It extinguishes thirst and warms you up. Savor it at evenings. In no time you can rest. Drink one or two mugs, to claim the following health benefits:
– Reduction of stress, depressions, and anxiety
– Help with insomnia
– Illuminates nausea and irritable bowel syndrome, especially for chemotherapy patients
– Reduce chronic pain
– Can reduce different types of allergies
– Inflammations, especially for rheumatoid arthritis and MS patients might be reduced
– Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure, due to the omega-3 fatty acids in hemp
– Ward of Alzheimer’s disease
– Sustain your body’s energy, due to the protein and fiber in hemp

green smoothie recipe from biomed cbd
Make sure your Green Smoothie is Organic as well

Shall I use Organic or any CBD Tea?

We highly recommend the use of organic products. The intake of fertilizers such as pesticide, herbicide and fungicide can cause cancer and many other diseases. Just make sure to check if your vendor can show you specific certifications for organic growing. Too often the organic label is abused for marketing purpose only, while the product is not 100% organically grown.

Does Hemp Tea get you high?

No! Just make sure the product you are buying contains less than 1% THC.

What are the Benefits of CBD Tea?

As mentioned above, Hemp Tea can help in many cases and delivers dozens of health benefits. The research on cannabis and its effect is still ongoing. Scientifically proven benefits.

It’s a fact that cannabis is containing 113 active Cannabinoids. The most important factors of each product are the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and the CBD (Cannabidiol) values. 40% of the plant’s extract is CBD. Considered for mosts benefits and great potential medical applications. If you like to go into details and you want to understand the difference between THC and CBD, then read our article about understanding Hemp Cannabinoids.

cannabis yogurt recipe from biomed cbd
You can use the same ingredients to make Hemp Yogurt

Shall I buy Hemp Tea on Amazon?

Amazon is a great shopping place. Sometimes you can even get a bargain. The downside of shopping at Amazon (or many other websites), is the lack of detailed product information. How to make Hemp Tea is easy, but remember what we’ve stated above? If you don’t care about your health, then you buy medicine where ever. But if you really care about your self, then you better make sure to buy Organic Hemp Tea from a trustworthy vendor, who provides all information needed. Prove of THC/CBD content, prove of organic cultivation and prove of a verified and serious business.

So where can I buy legal and 100% organic products to brew my own Hemp Tea? You can shop all online, secure & trusted here:

Buy Organic Hemp Tea Buy Organic
CBD Stems
Buy Organic
CBD Leaves

Recipes: How to Make Hemp Tea, Milk and more

Hemp Tea Recipes for a quick tea, hemp milk or hemp chai
Green Smoothie Recipe


How to Make Hemp Tea for Pain Relief?
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  • Thank you for the post on how to make hemp tea for pain relief. I definitely think for starters you need to determine if CBD is even legal in your area. Once you’ve established that I think CBD tea is a great way to relieve pain or even just anxiety and stress. CBD doesn’t contain the chemicals to induce a high effect, just the ones that help to reduce stress and can even alleviate some pains.

    1. Dear Jaque, thanks for your comment. Well, if CBD would not be legal in our area, then we would rather write about it, not selling CBD rich hemp tea. We are a legal Swiss entity and therefore responsible not just for our content but for our valuable clients as well.

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