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7 Ways on How CBD Water Can Improve Your Fitness Regime
March 8 -2019
Nancy R. Fernandez

Want to Improve Your Health Condition? We show you how CBD Water can help

Staying hydrated has myriads of benefits to the body. It maintains your body temperature at optimum levels, keeps the tissues moist and helps the body to get rid of waste products. It’s also the main constituent in the blood and helps transport the dissolved nutrients to different parts of the body while still maintaining the right electrolyte balance in the blood. And more exciting still is that water enables individuals to sustain rigorous exercises. Thus if you are planning to go for a rigorous workout, ensure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Even better than regular water is CBD water.

CBD water is water infused with fine CBD molecules to give you even more benefits. Clinical studies have revealed that CBD water can improve your fitness regime by positively influencing different physiological processes. In most countries, the use of CBD is legal and is classified under the same category as that of legal steroids.

CBD chemical is obtained from Cannabis plants and regulates your Cannabinoids Receptors. The two major types of Cannabis strains are Sativa and Indica. These two trains have different concentrations of CBD. To achieve a higher yield of CBD and still benefit from other desirable traits of these plants, agriculturalists usually cross Sativa and Indica strains to obtain hybrid plants with better characteristics and yield.

Below are 7 ways on how CBD water can improve your fitness regime.

1. Anti-inflammatory Effects

After a long and strenuous physical exercise, you end up feeling exhausted and quite tired. You also gain a feeling of satisfaction and a certain excitement sets in when you realize that you are hitting your weekly exercise targets. But there is something which disturbs such peace. Sore heels, toes, and even hands if you were involved in weight lifting. This could be due to friction or result from uncomfortable workout gear. But the good news is that CBD water can relief such inflammations. The CBD chemical in the water goes into the body and reduces the level of hormones responsible for such inflammations. As a result, these inflammations quickly heal and sets you free for even more rigorous exercises.

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2. Muscle Pain Reduction

Pain is one of the key factors which make it difficult for one to sustain long exercises. This is especially so when you are beginning your fitness regime. Usually, the muscles are yet to get used to such high energy demanding exercises and they thus react by becoming extremely painful. Taking CBD infused water will help relieve you of such pains and help you sustain longer physical exercises.

3. Weight Management

One of the key reasons why people resort to physical exercises is to reduce their weight and keep it at manageable levels. Those who use THC from strains such as Indica are more likely to experience increased appetite which may eventually lead to more weight. But the CBD chemical has an opposite effect. CBD works to reduce your weight by suppressing the appetite and also increasing the mitochondria activities thus leading to a higher rate of sugar and fat breakdown.

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4. Quick Recovery Time

You need to quickly regain your energy after a rigorous exercise to allow you to get even a longer workout time. But if you are completely exhausted and you feel that all your energy is gone, this will prove to be difficult. However, CBD is known to trigger the cells to break stored fats into energy and quicken sugar metabolism within the body. These processes release more energy to the muscles thus enabling you to quickly recover and gain energy for further workout sessions.

5. Reduction of Cortisol Concentration in the Blood

Cortisol hormone is released whenever you are stressed and depressed. It can be thought of as your body’s alarm system. The truth is that we can’t completely avoid stress-causing factors. Pressure from job, long and boring meetings and the desire to achieve certain goals in your various aspect of our lives can contribute to stress. This implies that there will always be a certain level of cortisol hormone in our circulatory system. While moderate cortisol concentration does not have adverse effects on your body, excess concentration of this hormone negatively affects so many physiological processes within your body. These include weight gain, weakened muscle, and slow recovery process. For you to keep fit, you need strong muscles and quick healing process to allow rapid muscle tissue multiplication and replacement of dead tissue. CBD water, as well as CBD Hemp Oil, will help you achieve this by lowering the level of cortisol in the body.

increased fitness due to cbd water

6. Increases Insulin Sensitivity

Increased insulin sensitivity implies that your body will respond to low levels of insulin than it used to. This is quite effective in healing type 1 Diabetes which is associated with low insulin sensitivity. It will also lower the risk of you getting type 2 Diabetes. Taking CBD infused water increases this insulin sensitivity thus guaranteeing you a longer, healthier life.

7. Acts as a Supplement to other Minerals and Vitamins in the Water

Bottled water comes with infused minerals and vitamins. These nutrients are quite beneficial in the body. Supplementing this with cannabidiol from the Sativa and Indica strains is quite healthy as it will multiply the beneficial effects of these chemicals and supplement the overall benefits of these additives.


CBD water comes with lots of benefits. If you are keen on improving your fitness regime, this is a must-try hemp product. Consisted intake of CBD infused water will help you manage your weight, keep you off diseases, and help you manage stress safely. Additionally, you will also enjoy shorter recovery time and increase your pain endurance thresholds for even longer and more rigorous exercises.

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