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Healing with Medical Marijuana

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Buch – Healing with Medical Marijuana (En)

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Healing with Medical Marijuana


Author : Marc Sircus
Format: Paperback, 208 pages
Date of issue: Mai 2017
Publisher: Square One Publ


Medical Marijuana is an effective treatment for dozens of serious ailments. From cancer, Parkinson’s disease, headaches, to depression. Finally imagine that the government is preventing you from using it because it is derived from a controversial herb. Therefore Cannabis is still looked upon by many people as a social evil. While scientific evidence clearly shows the compounds it contains can reduce, halt, and reverse some of our most serious health conditions. In Healing with Medical Marijuana, Dr. Mark Sircus has written a clear guide to understanding the power of the cannabis plant. Mark Sircus is a best-selling author and a medical researcher in this field. He is guiding on the power in combating numerous disorders.

Since 1930 cannabis extract was legally available. However, many Governments outlawed its use later on. Using marijuana was considered a crime. An illegal offense that carried penalties, including time in jail. Although the States had deemed cannabis an illegal narcotic, many countries began doing scientific research on Cannabis. While studying Marijuana they have found its remarkable medicinal qualities. Healing with Medical Marijuana provides a deep look at these studies. Furthermore it’s showing the effective compounds. Cannabis can treat a wide range of illnesses. Same as changing conditions positively.

Since more and more Countries are legalizing medical marijuana, because of its safe and effective treatment method. Hence there is still a controversy to block its use. Finally, the majority of the population should be able to profit from the healing with Medical Marijuana. In spite of the relief it can provide. Furthermore, for those who are unable to obtain medical marijuana, this book is designed to provide options that can offer help. Finally this book is for all seeking treatment for their individual conditions.

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Healing with Medical Marijuana
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  1. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Robert Bilges

    Dieses Buch ist wirklich sehr umfangreich. Wenn man sich mit medizinischem Cannabis mal auseinandersetzt, merkt man erst recht, was für ein unwahrscheinliches Potential hinter der Hanfpflanze steckt.

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