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Cannabis Encyclopedia

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Buch – Cannabis Encyclopedia (En)

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The Cannabis Encyclopedia


Author : Jorge Cervantes
Format: Hardcover, 594 pages
Date of issue: April 2015
Publisher: Van Patten Publishing USA


The Cannabis Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to medical marijuana. Consequently this book contains cultivation and consumption about Marijuana. Furthermore it explains all, the essential techniques to grow Cannabis.

More than 2’000 beautiful color images illustrate this book.

Especially relevant is that you will learn all about Medical cannabis history. Hence you will find cannabinoid measurement and medical varieties. All provided with a great background for medical patients and caregivers. Furthermore, the Medicinal Concentrates and Cooking part, with Medicinal Cannabis chapters feature different methods to concentrate and consume cannabis. Each stage of plant growth is detailed and graphically explained. Starting from seed, seedling, vegetative growth and clones. In conclusion you will learn everything about mother plants and flowering. As a result you will know everything about harvest, drying & curing information aims to preserve cannabinoids.

Probably same important are the sections about garden room, greenhouse design, construction, maintenance and care. This book explains each aspect of cannabis cultivation. All examined in detail with a focus on organic practices. Preserving the sanctuary, meters, air, light, lamps and electricity in detail. Furthermore and of course everything from soil, containers, water, nutrients, additives, container culture, hydroponics, diseases, pests and breeding.

What every you want to learn about Marijuana, you will find an answer in the Cannabis Encyclopedia.

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    Fritz Ambühl

    Dieses Buch sollte es auch in Deutsch geben. Ich hoffe der Verlag lässt es irgendwann übersetzen.

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