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F&A über Versand und Lieferung

Worldwide Delivery

Yes, we ship worldwide all over the globe but only equipment like Vaporizers or accessories like Books.
We do not ship any CBD product outside of Switzerland for the time being. As a proper legal entity, we are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations of each country and region. There are still too many differences even per region.
"But your products are 100% legal in my country", why we still don't make any exceptions? Just because there is no forwarding agent (carrier) who can guarantee not to trespass another country or region where our products may still not be legal.
The CBD market is still kinda grey zone in many countries and most governments are still uncertain and change their provisions almost daily. For us as a serious company, these uncertainties are just too much and therefore we rather stay on the safe side and focus on our local Swiss market, where we exactly know what we are allowed to do and what not.

Shipping costs

For the standard shipping, we do NOT charge shipping costs. You pay only the price shown in the shop. If you return any item then you are responsible for the shipment, cost and transport insurance.

Shipping time

Usually the mail run takes three to five business days. You will receive an e-mail when your goods leave our warehouse. This also contains the tracking number with which you can track the shipment online 24 hours after dispatch.
If you have not received the goods one week after the shipping confirmation by e-mail, please contact us.

Package tracking

By handing over to the parcel service, you will receive your shipment number by e-mail. This allows you to always be informed of the current status of delivery on the homepage of the package service and to see where your package is currently located.
If the package has still not been delivered to you one week after the confirmation of shipment, please contact us. We will examine where the package is and, if necessary, make an inquiry request.

Pick Post

You can have your shipment delivered to one of more than 700 collection points in Switzerland. You can find the PickPost locations of the Swiss Post in their post offices, SBB stations or petrol stations. You can select your PickPost station during the ordering process and change the “Delivery Address”.

Partial delivery

For logistical reasons, we generally do not make partial deliveries. We keep your order until we have all items in stock. After this you will receive a single delivery from us.

Logistic partners

The shipping is effected with the Swiss Post. The parcel service provides you with a system for dispatch tracking on its homepage. By handing over to the parcel service, you will receive your package number by e-mail. This means that you can inform yourself about the current status of delivery, 24 hours after receipt of the shipment number.