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Q&A about Mountain Grades and its products

What are Cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC)?

Cannabinoids are parts of the cannabis plant. You can read and learn more about it on our Know-How Section and you can follow our Blog to stay updated with informations and news.

Who is Mountain Grades?

We are a Swiss company fully commited to 100% organic and 100% legal CBD products. On our About Us page you can find out more about us.

Are these products legal?

Yes sure! At least in Switzerland, all our products are 100% legal. For other markets, and if you are not sure, rather our products are legal in your country and region, you should contact your regional police station or governement to find out more. Laws, rules and regulations are changing very fast. And there are even regional differences in most countries. Therefore we can not answer your question if you live outside of Switzerland.