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Can I return items?

Yes you can. Please read our return policy carefully before you return any goods or items to us.

What means 30 Day Guarantee?

As stated, you can return any item within 30 days if you are not happy with it. Before you return any goods please read our return policy carfully.

What are my payment options?

We can only accept payment options which you'll see on our checkout page. Common options are direct bank transfer, PostFinance cards and Twint. So far we can not process credit cards nor PayPal due to their business restrictions against cannabis related businesses.

Delivery Options & Cost of delivery?

Worldwide delivery and low flat rate costs are offered! We charge you minimal shipment costs. All our products are 100% legal in Switzerland. Due to the fact that each country and most regions within a country do have different rules and regulations, we can not guarantee that our products are legal where you live. It's in your own responsibility to check with your local police or government, rather our products are legal or not. Furthermore, all shipments are under your own risk. During a shipment, even a transit country could deny your goods and collect them as "illegal".

Do we ship to X or Y?

Yes we do! We ship worldwide, to every single country and region. But be aware, that a shipment is under your own risk. It's up to you to check rather the ordered products are 100% legal to buy and to be shipped. We give no guarantee at all if you order outside of Switzerland.

Who is Mountain Grades?

We are a Swiss company, a legal entity, fully commited to 100% organic and 100% legal cannabis. We manufacture all cannabis related products our self. We only sell directly to end-users through our own online webshop. This is the only way we can guarantee for best and fresh quality. On our company page you can find out more about us.

Are these products legal?

Yes! All products are 100% legal in Switzerland. You can find out everything needed within our Knowledge-Base.