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Who is Mountain Grades?

Mountain Grades LLC was foundet March 23, 2017 and has its headquarters in Naefels, Switzerland. The company is listed in the Swiss Registry of Commerce at Canton Glarus. The founder and owner, Marcel Isler, is a graduated Farmer and Economist. Since 1990 he is pursuing the development of organic hemp cultivation worldwide. With the legalization of CBD hemp in Switzerland, Marcel Isler started his family business together with his son Andri.

To meet the demands of medical cannabis patients, Mountain Grades LLC is cultivating legal and Cannabinoid-dominant cannabis plants. Produced from organic Cannabis Plants, the offer contains high quality products such as CBD Buds, CBG Oils, CBD Extracts and CBD Liquids, such as Soaps, Creames, Body Wash, Gels and Lotions. All these products are made of our own Cannabis Indica and or Cannabis Sativa species with a very high level of CBD and very low level of THC (<1%). Consequently, Mountain Grades™ products are non-narcotics and not psychoactive. Furthermore, Mountain Grades offers legal products and only to adults aged 18 or over.

Mountain Grades LLC works closely together with the public prosecutor’s office and the police of the Canton of Glarus. The company does everything, to be transparent to the public, as well as for the benefit of customers.

Why Mountain Grades?

100% Organic

Organically grown and certified products only.

100% Swiss

All made in Switzerland by Mountain Grades LLC.

100% Legal

All products with low THC values <1%.

Free Delivery

Free shipping within Switzerland, delivered next day.

30 Day Guarantee

We offer full money back guarantee within 30 days.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are not happy, just call our hotline.

More Reasons To Buy CBD From Us

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CBD & THC Quality Certificates

„Mountain Grades does representative sample analysis of CBD and THC from each batch manufactured.“

Cannabinoid analysis via HPLC determination of THC, CBD, THCA, CBDA, CBGA, CBG and CBN. To prove, that our Test Results are representative, we provide Batch and LOT details as well as analytical results from different laboratories.

Lab-Test Indica (24.01.2017)
Lab-Test Sativa (24.01.2017)

Organic Certificate of Mountain Grades™ Products

„Mountain Grades does representative sample analysis to prove organic cultivation from each seed batch.“

Organic Aproval via determination of >600 Environmental Toxins. To prove, that our Test Results are representative, we provide Batch and LOT details as well as analytical results from different laboratories.

View the Organic Certificates

Where to buy organic Cannabidiol Products?

„On our Retail Online-Shop you get 100% organic, 100% legal and 100% Swiss made Cannabidiol products.“

Please make sure you buy CBD products only from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer such as Mountain Grades LLC. While most providers are distributors only. Usually they can not guarantee high quality. Most important let your supplier certify by test results, the Cannabidiol content, THC value and a test certificate of 100% organic farming.

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You are Retailer and want to resale Mountain Grades™ Products?

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We offer the VERY BEST CANNABIDIOL for Retailers and Affiliate marketers. With an industry leading 40% commission, we are changing the way you monetize your shop and your sites traffic. On top we offer a 90 day cookie for all our affiliates. If you are successful, we are successful.

To professionally support our Retail Channels, we improve daily in several ways. First, with our generous 40% commission. Second, by continually improving innovations. Third, by giving you full support with whatever you need.

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You are a Manufacturer and looking for a Wholesaler to process your own organic Swiss Hemp?

„Buy Wholesale! We are your reliable Hemp supplier, able to deliver large quantities of the best organic Swiss Cannabis.“

For Manufacturers and Processors marketers we supply hemp as a raw material. Create your own Cannabis enriched products. Applications are manifold as our clients!

How about: Cannabis Chocolate, Hemp Beauty Care, Hemp Skin Care, Pharmaceutical Cannabis, Weed Smoothies and much more. Together we will find even more innovative hemp applications for all your manufacturing needs.

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