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Mountain Grades Brand
October 24 -2017

Mountain Grades – A New Brand is Born

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On the way to find and create a strong international brand we’ve developed the name Mountain Grades and registered it as an international trademark. The registration is in process for the brand image as well as for the word mark.

Behind the Scenes – The Story of Mountain Grades™

mountain grades cannabis farm glarus switzerland

As we are a Swiss Cannabis farm and premium Hemp Manufacturer, located in Glarus (Switzerland), surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alpes, it was clear that “Mountain(s)” must be a part of our future brand.

Our region is already well known for high-quality farming of Wine, Vegetables, Herbs and Dairy products. Hence and due to the perfect growing conditions for medical marijuana that our Region provides, we are able to grow high-quality cannabis with very high CBD grades. Therefore we’ve decided that “High Grade” must be the other element of our future brand.

After an intensive brainstorming and a lot of discussions, our team finally decided that Mountain Grades is the perfect brand to convey our message and to transfer internationally.

Act Local – Think Global

outdoor cannabis farm mountain grades glarus switzerland
Due to legal restrictions, rules and regulations, we are not yet able to export any CBD product. This is why we focus on our local business in Switzerland.

Daily we receive questions from visitors all over the world, if we could send and ship our products around the world. Unfortunately, we can not. Or not yet.

The issue was created due to different laws and restrictions in each country. Some countries even have different laws within their regions. This makes it almost impossible for us to export cannabis related items.

Interested persons argued with us, that our products are already legal in their homeland. Yes, but if our shipment will overfly or pass another country where these products still are illegal, then we sure have the next issue.

Never the less, we prepare ourselves for better days and common global regulations of the CBD market. Therefore, we have now an international brand in place and placed us in pole position if export becomes a real target.

The Launch of Mountain Grades

Today is the official launch of our new brand. To make our brand visible all over, we’ve also decided to change our company name. Therefore, starting from today, our company name changed from BioMed CBD LLC to Mountain Grades LLC.

This change will also affect our website. In the next view days, we will launch our new website under a new domain as well. Don’t worry! We will redirect you from to automatically. Get ready for a lot of news and a lot of excitement on our website under the new domain.

The Premium Organic CBD Hemp Brand

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It is our intent to become a strong global brand for premium organic hemp products. All manufactured by ourselves, to ensure high quality and 100% legality of products. We grow our own hemp organically and process products with love. The development and cultivation of our own MG Indica Strains made it possible, to offer CBD products containing less than 1% THC but above 21% cannabidiol. A ratio of 1:30 is so far unique in Europe. We will continue to drive our research and development further so we can achieve even better results in the near future. Medical marijuana is our passion and we are more than happy, to serve our clients with CBD-rich products under the new brand Mountain Grades™.

Help Us to Improve

As soon as we redirect you to we would be very happy if you give us feedback. Did you find any issues? Are some links broken? A feature on our new website is not working anymore? Or do you have a great idea how to improve? Then please leave a comment below or send us a message. We love to hear from you!