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Best CBD Vaporizers 2017
August 20 -2017

Which are the Best CBD Vaporizers?

CBD Vaporizers are available in the market like sand at sea. Therefore, before buying, it’s more important to separate the value for money product from the scrap. For you, we at BioMed CBD have tested the best Vaporizers to buy.

The Ultimate Shopping Guide with Tests & Reviews

Out of appreciation for extraordinary vaporizers, we set up this detailed manual for medical cannabis patients. The following guide will help you to find the best vaporizer for your needs. Unlike other tests & reviews, we’ve set an eye on providing information for both consumer types, for beginners, as well as for advanced users. If you don’t know where to begin, you came to the right place!

CBD Vaporizer Classifications

Today, there are 4 primary classifications of vaporizers. Snap one to go, see the best vaporizers for each classification. In case you don’t know which class to choose, continue to read more below.

portable vaporizer category
vaporizer pens category
desktop vaporizer category
electronic cigarettes category


Awards for the Best 4 Vaporizers by Category

Best Desktop VaporizerBest Portable VaporizerBest Vaporizer PenBest e-Cigarette
volcano digit vaporizer 300x300pax 3 vaporizer 300x300go pen plus vaporizer open vape 300x300atmos rx complete kit vaporizer 300x300
$529 $268 $82 $51
Best Over All Vaporizer Portable Dual Use Best for Concentrates Top for e-Liquids
Amazing Performance High Performance Very Stylish Complete Starter Kit
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Finding the Best Vaporizer For You

As a summary of CBD Vaporizers in detailed Categories, we have tested different vape products. Here are our reviews and our results, we’d like to share with you:

No 1 — Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Volcano Digit is maybe the most expensive vaporizer today. But let’s face it: The Volcano Digit is worth every single cent. It is simply the best Vaporizer we have tested so far. This Vaporizer is the ultimate system to release the flavor & aroma from herbs, spices, and essential oils. Made in Germany with food safe, flavorless, and heat-resistant materials. The Volcano Digit (digital) got precise heat controls, gently heat and never burn. Outstanding air temperature range between 40°C – 230°C (104°F – 446°F). Its temperature accuracy is just incredible: ± 1.5°C (± 2.7°F). On top, you receive a 3 Year Warranty with every purchase. The VOLCANO Digit is the only Vaporizer certified by ISO quality manufacturing standards and meets NRTL and UL requirements.

Furthermore, the Volcano Digit Vaporizer offers precise electronic control, a large digital LED display and automatic switch off. As we would see it, it’s the best vaporizer available today!

Buy Volcano Digit Now for only 529 US$

No 2 — PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 is a high-polished anodized aluminum portable vaporizer. It delivers a strong, pure vapor within 22 seconds, and subsequent heat-ups are nearly instant. High-performance from the inside-out! The PAX 3 is featuring some medical-grade materials. The built-in battery is rechargeable. Packed up with a 10-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind.

You can switch this Vaporizer from loose leaf to extract, in just a few seconds. There is a concentrate insert included. Achieve equally dense vapor, no matter your material preference. Coloured LED lights provide real-time communication. This device conveniently vibrates when ready for use. The PAX 3 Vaporizer heats when you bring it to your lips and cools when you set it down. You can even personalize your PAX. Simply download the latest device updates with the PAX Vapor App.

Buy PAX 3 Vaporizer for only 268 US$
Get the Pax App here:
apple-store-download google-play-store-download

No 3 — Atmos R2 Vaporizer

The Atmos R2 Portable Waxy Concentrate Vaporizer comes with an anodized chamber and advanced ceramic heating disc technology. Therefore providing smooth draw and clean taste. It’s designed to evenly heat and vape waxy oils (concentrates). Available as a complete kit as well.

It’s the ultimate vaporizer providing users with unmatched performance. It is a great buy for those of you, who like to vape Extracts and E-Liquids.

Buy Atmos R2 Now
for only 83 US$

No 4 — Go.Pen Plus Vape

The Go.Pen Plus is a great portable vaporizer pen for concentrates. It comes with two ceramic wax atomizers and an oil tank. The buy even includes a dabber dish, retractable charger, a dabber tool and three silicone mouthpiece covers. Actually, all you need for a great vape experience.

Go.Pen Plus vaporizers are available in five different colors. From Pink to Orange, Green, Black or Grey. A very stylish tool to show on the road.

The limitation of this product, it is not intended for use with dry herbs. On the other hand, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty on the battery. This 4.2v battery is rechargeable via Micro-USB battery.

Buy Go.Pen Plus Now
for only 82 US$

No 5 — Crater Deluxe Vaporizer

The Crater Deluxe is the best buy if you are looking for a portable vaporizer to vape Dry Herb. It comes with 3 accurate temperature settings.

The Crater Deluxe is great for aromatherapy & treatment of respiratory ailments. This new vaporizer lasts 25% longer than Pax Ploom. It comes with a built-in 3000mAh battery and can be charged directly from any USB port or power bank. CRATER DELUXE is fully digital, no mechanical action is required to operate this device. CRATER DELUXE is small and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

What we like most: This vaporizer is very Elegant, Effective, as well as Compact. The 3 flexible heat settings are great for a perfect vape experience. Besides the lifetime warranty, you receive 30 days full guarantee: “satisfaction” or “money back”. Great quality for a reasonable price and it’s ready to use out the box.

Buy Crater Deluxe Now
for only 169 US$

No 6 — Atmos RX Complete

The Atmos RX Complete is ideal for those who like e-liquids. Also portable and very discrete. Most of all, stylish and engineered for maximum results. It comes with a wickless ceramic heating chamber. Therefore, the Atmos Rx Complete Kit Vaporizer heats your preferred e-liquid like a charm. This expels the freshest aroma. Excellent designed with top durability.

Buy this extended starter kit. It comes complete and is ready to use within seconds. Vape e-liquids straight out of the box. Furthermore, the Atmos RX Complete is available in a variety of stylish colors. Therefore it is the complete Portable Vaporizer Kit for Waxy Concentrates and E-Liquids.

Buy Atmos Complete
for only 51 US$

No 7 — Atmos Transporter

The Atmos Transporter is an advanced portable dry herb Vaporizer. This handy tool produces true vapor! It is made with a patented high-grade ceramic chamber, embedded heating element, to vape dry herbs. The external body has a flask-shaped look. This high-quality body is pure protection for your Vaporizer, with a scratch-resistant anodized shell.

The Transporter is easy to use and maintain, providing a great vaping experience. Furthermore, Atmos Transporter is available in two great colors: Silver and Bronze.

Buy Atmos Transporter for only 136 US$

What’s You’re Vaping Budget to Spend?

Depending on your budget we can recommend the following CBD Vaporizers:

up to $50

Your budget to buy a vaporizer is up to $50? You really have a larger number of choices. More than you likely might suspect. Look at our “Atmos RX Vaporizer“. It is a convenient vaporizer, which is ideal for your financial power and gives you the most value for your money.

$50 to $100
In the event that your financial plan is over $50 and you appreciate vaping dry herbs, waxes, or e-fluids, at that point you have significantly more alternatives. Make sure to look at our “Atmos R2” if you are looking for a portable Vaporizer for Waxy Concentrates. In case you prefer a stylish Pen, then you should go for the “Go.Pen Plus“.

$100 to $300
In fact, you got the right budget to buy a good quality vaporizer. Long lasting and the choice of vape it all. This price category offers some top of the line as well as versatile vaporizers. If you are looking for a bargain, then the “Atmos Transporter” is your deal. For those of you who vape dry herb only, the “Crater Deluxe” is by far the best choice. A great alternative and one of our all-time favorite is the “Pax 3 Vaporizer“. If you never tried a Pax 3 before, then it’s the right time now for one of the best CBD Vaporizers.

over $500
Welcome in the area of the best. You could likewise even go for a desktop vape, for example, a Volcano Vaporizer. As we stated above already, the “Volcano Digit” is by far the best Vaporizer you can buy today.


It truly relies upon your own inclination. In the event that you need to have the capacity to take your vape in a hurry, at that point we would prescribe you to look at the top alternatives, the Pax 3 Vaporizer ($268). The Pax 3 is very versatile, exceptionally amusing to utilize and amazingly effective.

If it’s all the same to you keeping your vape at home more often than not, a top of the best desktop vaporizer is the Volcano Digit ($529). It is the top-notch vaporizer. German quality for ultimate vape fun.

On the off-chance that you have more dollars to spend, the better is the chance to buy a durable high-quality CBD Vaporizers, which can last for a lifetime.

What Type of Medical CBD Will You Be Utilizing?

CBD Vaporizers have changed a great deal since the improvement of moves in wax and oil frame. Since CBD comes in concentrated shape, vaporizers don’t need to be as large and cumbersome to carry out their occupation. Vaporizer pens have hit the scene in compelling and are practically the go-to vaporizer for a focus. However, the exemplary dry herb vapor innovation has enhanced too. You would now be able to get a superior dry herb vaporizer for 169 US$, such as the “Crater Deluxe“. Rather than it being a massive, whip-style vaporizer, it’s sufficiently little that you can place it in your pocket and bear it with you.

Since things have changed so much, we truly need to take a gander at what kind of item you’ll be putting in your vaporizer more often than not.

Wax Vaporizers

On the off chance that you incline toward wax focus to dry herb, then you have it really simple. You can get a quality wax vaporizer for significantly less expensive than you can locate a quality dry herb vaporizer. We would suggest our “Atmos R2“. This tool is less expensive than the versatile or desktop vaporizers, and additionally littler and more prudent. Our top suggestion out of that rundown is, obviously, the “Crater Deluxe“, which handles wax incredibly.

Liquid Oil Vaporizers

As electronic cigarettes have detonated onto the scene and changed the universe of cigarettes and smoking, they’ve likewise influenced the universe of medical cannabis. Presently cannabis patients can utilize a similar innovation found in e-cigarettes to vaporize their medicine in the fluid frame. By using CBD Vaporizers for Hemp Oil or e-fluids, you would now be able to utilize e-cigarette innovation to tactfully and strongly get to your pharmaceutical. Many individuals who are out on the town a great deal lean toward the CBD oil vaporizers, so if that portrays you, we suggest you look at our “Atmos RX“.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb is as yet the most well-known type of vaporization. Basically vaporizing the first item is substantially less demanding than getting it and afterward getting it into wax or fluid shape, or paying more to some person to do it for you. Besides, vaporizing dry herbs just tastes better! Since there is such an extensive variety of dry herb vaporizers, it descends to your financial plan. Take a gander at the above spending segment again to get a thought of what you can manage. You may likewise need to investigate our “Pax 3” or our ultimate “Volcano Vaporizer” for the best natural vapes available.

Have you tested or reviewed some other CBD Vaporizers? What is your favorite? Please let us know, place your comment below and let us know what you think. Finally, we always love to hear from you.



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