Cannabis Culture – The History & Future of Hemp Cultivation

Cannabis Culture got a long history. Its usage dates back to far further as the third millennium before Christ. The plant has been valued for its industrial use. Same as for food and medicine. How the psychoactive properties of Marijuana are used. Be it for religion or recreation.

With these blog posts, we will give you a clear look into the global history of the Cannabis Culture. Read all about the cultivation of Hemp. Starting 3000 years ago back in China. Furthermore, we will explain the current situation of Cannabis uses. How the Rastafari movement brought Marijuana to a next level. Sure you all know the influence of artists like Bob Marley.

Finally, we will talk about the actual legality situation of cannabis in the world. And then we will have a look in the near and far future. The impact of decriminalization of the plant. Benefits for medicinal uses for example. Most important, we teach you how Cannabis Culture can be positively affect our society.

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March 23 -2019

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December 12 -2017

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August 20 -2017

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