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The Best High CBD Strains
October 1 -2017

Which are the Best High CBD Strains for Medical Benefits?

High CBD strains and new varieties are continually hitting the market. It’s almost impossible to monitor them all. It’s simply hard to get information. At the end, you should know what you are buying and what you pay for. The missing trustworthy laboratory analyzes are a real pain. Without any documentation, you should never buy hemp seeds nor any other CBD product.

Reviews & Cannabis Buying Guide

To help you out, we’ve assembled this convenient overview of the most popular CBD-rich strains, to make your own best choice. We searched the internet for the most popular cannabis strains. We have collected a huge amount of data, reviewed them and finally implemented this buying guide for you. Before we start, we’d like to answer some of the most common questions about high CBD strains.

What is CBD?

You may first ask, what the hell is CBD? CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabis constituent with an assortment of examined medical advantages, for example:

  • – Inhibits cell growth in Cancer Tumors
  • – Pain relief & Calming
  • – Reduction of Vomiting
  • – Reinforces Bones
  • – Inflammation reduction
  • – Suppresses Muscle Spasms
  • – and much more

For more information please read our cannabis guide “the difference between THC and CBD“.

Definition and Explanation of high CBD

First, let’s start with a clear definition of high CBD. A cannabis strain can be high in THC, CBD, CBG, THCa or a mix of the 9 important cannabinoids. The two most important cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Mixes have therapeutic properties, some even increased when both available (e.g. cancer or multiple sclerosis).

cannabidiol alternative medicine against pharma industry

Legality of Cannabis, CBD and THC

The legality of cannabis changes from nation to nation. Ownership of cannabis is unlawful in many nations and has been since the start of across the board cannabis preclusion in the late 1930s. However, ownership of the plant in little amounts has been decriminalized in numerous nations and sub-national substances in a few sections of the world. For instance, in Switzerland Cannabis was in general illegal for many years, though minor possession was decriminalized to a fine of 100 CHF in 2012. In 2017, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland skipped that fine completely. This means the ownership of 10 grams is legal. Nevertheless, using or even smoking THC rich cannabis is still illegal.

Since 2017, cannabis that contains less than 1.0% THC is classified as legal in Switzerland. This means, according to the Federal Law on Drugs, the production, culture, use, and possession of cannabis containing more than 1.0% THC, is still prohibited and considered as criminal infringements. These infringements are punishable by up to three years of imprisonment and/or a fine. The fully legal cannabis is therefore called CBD Hemp or medical cannabis.

As a result, you as a CBD consumer have to make sure, that you buy your products from a trustworthy source only. Someone who can fully guarantee about CBD and THC content. You can only be sure if your supplier can show you a test report by HPLC analysis of an accredited laboratory.

How can I be sure to buy legal CBD?

In Switzerland, a CBD hemp manufacturer or distributor is required to be registered. The registration of trustworthy companies is controlled by the Federal Customs Administration. Registered CBD suppliers get a Reverse Number. The suppliers Reverse number must be printed on each product packaging. Simply check the Number on the CBD product you buy!

Furthermore, all tobacco substitutes need to be notified at the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health).

Legal High CBD Strains for Medical Use

Our market research has shown the 3 high CBD varieties, tested and officially authorized by FCA and FOPH.

MG Green Indica

MG Green Sativa

MG Green Fedora

mg green indica high cbd straincannabis sativa high cbd straincannabis fedora high cbd strain
THC <0,8% : CBD 21,7%
THC <0,5% : CBD 10,7%
THC <0,3% : CBD >3%

Buy Green Indica Strain

Buy Green Sativa Strain

Buy Green Fedora Strain

If you want to be on the safe side regarding the legality and want real value for the medical use, then one of the above strains is the right one for you.

Legal Low CBD Strains

In the common European varieties catalog, you will find a lot of legal cannabis strains as well. There are a view interesting types, but all of them are not just low on THC, unfortunately low on CBD as well. Therefore, the following types are not at all beneficial for medical use.

Schöne vom Albis

Finola, Ruderalis


USO 31

schöne vom albis hanf high cbd strainfinola cannabis ruderalis high cbd straincarmagnola hemp high cbd strainuso 31 hemp high cbd strain
THC <1%, CBD >2%
THC <1% : CBD ???
THC <1% : CBD ???
THC <1% : CBD ???
Source: Hanfsamen.ch
Source: CBD-Shop.ch
Source: Fourtwenty.ch
Source: Tempel-Store.ch

It is also noticeable with these providers that they do not give reliable values on THC nor CBD. This is an indication that laboratory analyzes are missing. Therefore, you just don’t know what you are paying for.

Update Oktober 3rd : Simon from Hanfsamen.ch contacted us and asked us to update the Source for the “Schöne vom Albis”. CBDKing seems to be a distributor only. Simon also mentioned, that they do have lab analysis. Unfortunately they don’t make them public to check the reliability (accredited laboratory). But it’s well appreciated, that they give some clear statement about the product performance here.

Illegal but very popular CBD Strains


Medical Mass

CBD Therapy

cannabis euphoria high cbd straincannabis medical mass high cbd straitherapy high cbd strain
THC 9% : CBD ???
THC 10% : CBD ???
THC >1% : CBD 8-10%
Source: Leafly.com
Source: RoyalQueenSeeds.com
Source: CBDCrew.org/

Critical Mass

Fedora 17 XL

Futura 75

cannabis critical mass high cbd strainhemp fedora 17 xl high cbd strainhemp futura 75 high cbd strain
THC 22% : CBD ???
THC >1% : CBD ???
THC >1% : CBD ???
Source: Herb.co
Source: CBD-Shop.ch
Source: Dutch-Headshop.eu

Of course, there are more high CBD strains, such as CBD Mango Haze, Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Jamaican Lion, MediHaze, ACDC, CBD Shark, Critical Mass or Swiss Gold. But all these strains are illegal in Switzerland and in most of other countries worldwide.

Again, there are too many providers who do not give reliable values. Laboratory analyses are very expensive but essential for any serious supplier.

Final Conclusion

It looks like a lot of manufacturers and distributors just want to make money. Serious suppliers are still very rare in the CBD market. If you want a tested and legal strain with one of the highest CBD values on the market, then there is only one product to go for. Our recommendation is to buy Mountain Grades™ from BioMed CBD. The MG Green Indica Strain got low THC (<0,8%) and offers 21,7% CBD content. It’s simply the best buy as of today. Finally, this high CBD strain is available as Seeds, CBD High Seedlings or you can buy female Hemp Buds.

Did we miss any of your most loved high CBD strains? Let us know and leave a comment below! We always love to hear from you.



The Best High CBD Strains
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