Cannabaceae – The Cannabis (Hemp, Marijuana) Genera

Cannabaceae the flowering plants. Cannabis, maybe the most important specie. Also called hemp or marijuana. Consequently, in this category, we talk about the cannabis genus. We explain the differences of the 3 main species. As a result, you get to know Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.

Read all bout the cannabaceae taxonomy. Check the family tree and the effects on your human body. We explain which plant to use to get you highLower classifications to use as a non-drug such as Industrial Hemp.

Furthermore, we dive deep into the cultivation of the cannabis plant. We explain how to cross genetics. Use the benefits of sativa and indica in one. The so called hybrid cannabis strains. Learn everything about autoflowering seeds and plants.

Finally, you will learn about cannabaceae hops. What kind of plant this is and how to use the cannabis genera. Maybe you like to smoke buds (the cannabis flower)? Use the benefits of hemp oil. Full of cannabinoids. Industrial hemp is used for hundreds of different applications. Get inspired how useful this plant is.

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