Hemp Oils – Medical Cannabidiol (CBD) Drops

Hemp Oils CBD-rich by Mountain Grades. Made out of 100% organic Cannabis. While Swiss made, we do grow our own Weed in the Alps of Glarus. For your own safety, we use Marijuana with a very low proportion of THC and highest CBD values. Hence, these CBD Hemp Oils can be used for cooking and therapy treatments.

Make sure to check our other product categories as well. Buy Hemp Seedlings, CBD-rich Hemp Buds, Hemp Seeds, Hemp Tea, Medical Marijuana Leaves and other plant supplements. We manufacture products out of our own Hemp.

Buy CBD safe and legal

Buying Mountain Grades products online is safe, easy and 100% legal. We offer free delivery of your Hemp Oils and you will receive your goods the next day. Furthermore, only Mountain Grades can guarantee for best quality. We sell tested products only, regarding their CBD / THC content, as well as we are certified for organic farming. THC values below 1%, but CBD content up to 21%. Where else you can find all that?

The Cannabis Shop Near You

Besides the best CBD Hemp Oil available on the market, you will for sure like other CBD Liquids, CBD Extracts like ShatterWax and even Vaporizers. On top, you can increase your Cannabis knowledge by reading one of our Books about Marihuana. Here in the shop, you can even send CBD Hemp Oils as a gift. To your friends or one of your loved ones. Simply get or send a CBD Coupon. Furthermore, our products are well distributed, but finally, to be even closer near you, we do offer a unique and very fast CBD Courier Service all over Switzerland. Now have fun and happy shopping on your favorite Cannabis online Shop.