High CBD Strains Grown in Switzerland by MountainGrades.com

If you look for CBD-rich Cannabis then you came to the right place. Mountain Grades LLC operates it’s own farm to grow organic medical marijuana. We only use our own Hemp plants to process and manufacture top quality Swiss CBD products available on the market.

Best Farm Fresh Organic Cannabis

To serve you 365 days a year we grow our own cannabis strains. We use cannabis sativa as well as cannabis indica varieties. Furthermore, we do indoor as well as outdoor growing. All under the guidelines of Bio-Suisse (organic bud). To ensure that you get the highest quality, we do not process any weed from external sources. We retail right from our farm in the Alps of Switzerland.

Buy Legal Buds or CBD-rich Hemp Oil

Shop CBD online. You can order and we’ll ship your goods the same day. If needed you can take advantage of our Swiss Courier Service and get your CBD delivered the same day from Monday to Sunday.

The Premier Swiss CBD Shop

Next, to our own products, we serve you with some additional distribution products such as Vaporizers and Literature. When it comes to vaping needs, you find major brands in our Vape Shop. Our bookstore offers a full range of literature to teach you about cannabis growing, to the use of medical marijuana.

Free Delivery & even Bitcoin Payment

Order today and get free delivery within Switzerland. Please be aware that we are not allowed to ship any CBD product outside of Switzerland. Except for accessories and equipment, like Vaporizers and Books. Furthermore, we accept direct bank payments, Postfinance and Bitcoin as well.

Discover legal weed & CBD Hemp

All products offered are 100% legal under Swiss law. Next, to a unique shopping experience, we provide deep cannabis know-how. Do you want to know more about Hemp? Our cannabis lexicon will answer all your questions like: How do I plant Cannabis Seeds? Is the use of Hemp Seed Oil safe? How to make Hemp Tea? Or what are medical benefits of using CBD?